Three Shoulder Gun Holster Buying Hints For Paintball Fans

Each and every time I go for a series of paintball with my best mates. I generally get back with wounds. Now and again the main piece of me that is liberated from any agony is my head and that is simply because I wear an overly cool Storm Trooper motivated paintball cover. Each and every paintball related stuff matters, from the normally ignored shoulder firearm holster to the paintball markers.

Fundamentally, my paint ball gear comprises of an extremely overall quite exact paintball marker gun, a shoulder firearm holster and my principle weapon of decision – a tight situation paintball marker. I concede that I gave a ton of consideration to the markers and never truly gave a lot of consideration to the remainder of my stuff, particularly my shoulder weapon holster. Kindly don’t commit a similar error or you will think twice about it later.

Shoulder Gun Holster Types

Essentially there are 3 kinds of holsters. Obviously, whatever type you pick, they have them for both right-gave people just as lefties. The principal sort of shoulder firearm holster positions the marker in a vertical situation with the barrel confronting the ground. I at present have this best holster for springfield xde 9mm model and despite the fact that my kindred paintball mates lean toward this sort, I don’t. For reasons unknown, I think that its troublesome draw the marker easily.

The subsequent sort is likewise a vertical position model yet with the barrel confronting upward. Once more, this is certifiably not a truly agreeable situation for me. Also, once more, many don’t share my feelings.

The third kind is the flat position model, with the barrel looking back. This is the one I ought to have purchased yet didn’t have any acquaintance with it existed until half a month after I had made my buy. As far as I might be concerned, the flat position takes into account quicker admittance to the marker. The entire cycle of drawing and re-holstering appears to be more normal with this kind of holster.


Solace should be at the first spot on the list for leg firearm holster or any kind of holster besides. With regards to bear holsters, you need to ensure the weight is conveyed equitably over your shoulders or, in all likelihood you may wind up with a tingling sensation or even deadness in your arms.


Great shoulder holsters are held set up by shoulder too sternum lashes. I incline toward holsters without folds as I feel it obstructs admittance to the marker just as hinders re-holstering. Another factor which influences re-holster ease is simply the adaptability of the holster. In the event that the holster is excessively adaptable, it can’t hold its shape and you would require two hands to restore the marker to its unique position.

Reward Tip

Whatever strategic or military stuff you buy for your paintball meetings, be it chest apparatuses or firearm shoulder holsters, ensure its is from a respectable brand. Typically, the more trustworthy brands accompany a lifetime guarantee. Try not to agree to anything less.